What you have to say is important!

28 Oct

What you have to say is important! But how you say is even more important!!! So do not let people dismiss you before they even discover what you are about by having bad content.

The saying, “Content is Everything” is never more true than on the world wide web. People have 100s of thousands of sources of information at their finger tips and you need to get them there and to keep them there. You need to know your product/service/promotion through and through. You want to write it up in a manner that focuses on “keywords*” and has strong detailed descriptions, but most importantly write, write, and update often. Always be writing up new products and remember to be descriptive, and if your good at it, people like humor. Do not push it, but if you know how to be funny, people like funny. (Insert Funny Joke, haha bada bing)

You need to do some market research and decide what kind of language to use. You do not want to use 6th grade language skills if you are targeting physicists or doctors for example. Also USE your Spellcheck!! Yes, I agree we all should know how to spell, but we all have the ability to have our work spell checked. There is no faster way to have your website/business be considered an amateurs, than to have typos and misspellings. A good way to do a grammar check and flow check it to read what you wrote aloud. You will see words you may have missed or think of a better way to put something.

Now here are some tips I picked up along the way to make sure that I do not bore my clients to death. First off, avoid using redundant sentences. It is annoying to the reader and makes it look like you have stretching your content or have nothing to say. Do not Tell your clients to do Anything, always suggest to them to try it. You and me both know you are not doing anything someone else told me to do. And if there is a word for it use it. Don’t drag out long strung on sentences when 1 or 2 words would do it.

Also avoid the use of slang, as it does not always translate properly or have the same meaning outside your immediate surroundings. Leave some things to guessing! They will not have a reason to contact you if they have all the information they need for a service or product for sale. When describing something try to use “Your” and not “Our” to impart a sense of ownership of the cause/product/destination and make them take a higher interest in what they are reading.

But ALWAYS use words and not pictures whenever possible because people and search engines can read text, they do not always see your pictures. Search engines are computers and as such have no use for pictures. When indexing a website search engine computers index your content and depending on the search engine they rank your content against what your “keywords*.” Also people who use alternate ways of viewing websites do not always have the ability to see pictures. (ex. Cell phones, Screen Readers, Old web browsers, computers with limited connections) Remember if there is a word of it, USE IT.

And Lastly but definitely not least. Read other peoples and your competitions websites. It will give you a better understanding of your clients and make you a better writer & business person.

* Keywords – words that you focus on to get search engines to index your page. part of Search Engine Optimization. Will cover in detail in a later blog.


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