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My Favorite Twitter Posts for the week of: Feb. 12 – 18, 2012

I know this got our a little late, and I will try to get this out either Sunday or Monday, but the information is still Great!!!

Here is the weekly round up of links that were given to me on Twitter this week. If you would like your blog post to be considered for this list or have a great tool to share, please tweet at: @chuckdowe and I will add it to my list of content to examine on the web. I hope you enjoy.

Web Design Tools

  • 9 Sites for diving head-first into HTML5 ~ TNW
  • 18 Android Apps for Designers & Web Developers ~
  • How brands and publishers can use Pinterest for Content Marketing ~ idio


  • HTML5 Boilerplate is 3.0! – A rock-solid default template for HTML5 awesome.

    HTML5 ★ Boilerplate

Great Blog Posts

  • 5 Tips to Power Up Your Work with Unlimited Creativity Juice ~ 1stwebdesigner
  • Write Evaluations, Not Proposals — And Charge For Them ~ Smashing Magazine
  • A Year In Review: 11 Things I Learned From Freelancer to Agency Owner ~ speckyboy
  • HTML5 Love is in the Air! ~ IEBlog
  • What a Traditional Education Is and What It Isn’t ~ instantShift
  • 7 Essential Tips for WordPress Beginners ~ copyblogger
  • 20 Things Every Mobile Developer Should Know ~ .Net Magazin


  • 20 Free Fonts Used In Iconic Movies ~ Creative Nerds
  • 10 Extremely Good Free Fonts for Your Designs ~ WDL
  • 50 Fresh High-Quality Free Fonts for Your Designs ~ instantShift
  • 22 Free and Premium HTML Responsive Website Templates and Layouts ~ DesignModo

Google Video Series: Why does being online matter?

Building an online presence is critical for growing your business. Learn how the Internet can help you connect with potential customers and get your business up and running on the web using e-commerce sites, review sites and social networks.

Why You Should Hire a Web Design Professional!


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Google Video Series: Local – The What, The Why, The How

Local marketing can help you reach customers who are ready to buy in your area. Develop a strategy for bringing local web users through the doors of your business using search engines, review sites and coupon sites.


Getting on Google and the Benefits of Being on Google

Google Video Series: Learn how to get your business, products and services listed on Google and connect with potential customers. Find out how Google search can help customers find you.


Google Video Series: 5 Smart Ways to Promote Your Business Online

Learn five ways to get noticed and grow your business online. Explore marketing options and figure out which marketing techniques work best for the time and resources you have.


20+ Google Chrome Short-Cut Keys – A Web Designers Dream

Web Designers & Developers use web browsers in their everyday activity. This is the reason I wanted to share some very useful Google Chrome short-cut keys. You will find out how useful Chrome hot keys are once you start using them. They will help save you time and of course impress your friends & colleagues with the amazing browsing skills you’ve learned.

  • Type name of site and press Ctrl+Enter – adds www. to beginning and .com to end of your query and opens it as a web address in current tab.
  • Ctrl+ – Zoom In
  • Ctrl- – Zoom out /
  • Ctrl+0 – Reset Zoom
  • F5 – this combination reloads the webpage
  • Ctrl+r – this combination reloads the webpage
  • Ctrl+u – view webpage source
  • Ctrl+Shift+i – Developer Tools dashboard
  • Ctrl+Shift+j – JavaScript Console
  • type about:plugins in the address bar to open the tab all of your installed plugins
  • Ctrl+Shift+t restore last closed tabs up to ten tabs
  • Shift + Esc – view Chrome task manager
  • Shift+Alt+t – use arrow keys to navigate between different buttons on the toolbar
  • Alt+d – jump to address bar; highlights current webpage URI
  • Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8 – Jump to first tab, second tab, etc.
  • Ctrl+9 – navigates you to the last tab
  • Alt+f – opens the main menu (wrench icon on the dashboard)
  • Shift+F10 – open context menu
  • Esc – stop webpage loading
  • Ctrl+Tab – navigate through the next / previous tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab – navigate through the next / previous tab
  • Ctrl+F5 – reload current webpage with cache override
  • Shift+F5 – reload current webpage with cache override
  • Ctrl+Shift+n – new Chrome window in incognito mode