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Projects … Partner’s in Development

For all you who have been keeping track, it has been a while since I have posted a new Project publicly. This is because CTD Web Designs has come to partner with Green Bird Media of San Diego to bring our clients and projects superior knowledge. We are working on several very big projects we hope to launch soon, 2 major redesigns and a complete overhaul of a library catalog on another.

CTD Web Designs Green Bird Media

The last few months we have been working to iron out a strategy that benefits our clients to most while providing non-overlapping efforts. We have a nice solution in place that should help speed up the iteration process for design, while providing developers with a solid foundation for the information architecture. With CTD Web Design’s WordPress specialty & Green Bird Media’s Drupal knowledge, we are a powerful and dynamic team of web professionals. Contact for more information.


Mobile HTML: The Future of Your Sites


Grow Your Audience with Google+

Google I/O 2013 – Grow Your Audience with Google+


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2013 a Hectic Start

I am sorry for once again falling behind with updating the blog. It has been a hectic start to this year with my wife finding herself with child, our first, and us moving to a new part of the city. Along with that, business has been good and I have been working on many exciting projects with a lot of great people. I will get back to posting regularly I promise. I hope all of your first Quarters of 2013 have been as fun and exciting as mine!


West Coast Coffee Roasters

West Coast Coffee Roasters

The Newest Website Created, Designed & Coded by CTD Web Designs. A great local business here in San Diego.



Website Design and Creation Inspiration – N.35

This is a collection of favorite website designs, website color combinations, and inspirational UI & Development from my travels to expand my Web Design Inspiration. I will try to post weekly, but this depends on the content I find! Feel free to comment and let me know what you think of my choices.


Possession Switch


Junk It


Letter Photo




Bombay Sapphire


The Coolest Crabman




Monster Energy Drink


Definitely Dubai




Michael Anti: Behind the Great Firewall of China

Michael Anti (aka Jing Zhao) has been blogging from China for 12 years. Despite the control the central government has over the Internet — “All the servers are in Beijing” — he says that hundreds of millions of microbloggers are in fact creating the first national public sphere in the country’s history, and shifting the balance of power in unexpected ways.